8 May 2007

Contestants for 2007 Miss Universe in Mexico City

Miss Universe contestant Zhang Ningning (L2) of China waves in Tuxtla Gutierrez of Chiapas in Mexico May, 6, 2007. Authorities from the southeastern Mexico state of Chiapas welcomed on Sunday 86 contestants for the 2007 Miss Universe. The 56th annual Miss Universe competition will be held on May 28th in Mexico City.

Olympic Sports Center Stadium

Venue: Olympic Sports Center Stadium
Location: Southern part of Olympic Sports Center
Seats: 40,000
Functions during the Games: Football, Modern Pentathlon (running and equestrian)

27 Apr 2007

Olympic Games torch

The picture shows the details of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games torch in Beijing, capital of China, April 26, 2007. Beijing announced the 2008 Olympic Games torch relay route and unveiled the Olympic Games torch on Thursday.

20 Apr 2007

A world without heart distance~~~Dark restaurant

Dark Resturant!! Do you afraid to sit in a dark environment? Maybe you can have a try! In my oppinion, it is so interesting to eat some food in a dark resturant. You really don't know what you are eatting. Just touching, smelling and hearing. Ok! I will lead you to a miraculously world!!

The first Asia dark restaurant was open in beijing.
Soon become very famous!
Dark restaurant: without any light!(except food ording room and toilet)

Waiters: wear such kind of glasses, in order to see clear in the dark condition.
Customer: not allow to bring something which can give off light.( include jewelry or mobile phone). Following the wariters, until he/she sit down.

Food: special design.
This is one poster of the dark restaurant in beijing.
Success fators: Because when people sitting in a dark environment, they talk more freely. People are all searching for this feeling, under this situation, their become more and more closely.
Target customer: Middel or high class people. Expecially for lovers.
Feed back: food hygiene problem, and whether security in the dark environment.

17 Apr 2007

One world One dream

Big family--my mother land!```China!

56 childrend, hand in hand, never apart!

Different culture, different cloths, but the same purpose!

To celebrate every progress.

And expect to the most exicting moment!

2008 olympic games.

A peaceful world~~full of hope

Sometimes, deep pressure can make someone nearly out of breath. At this situation, girls always choose one way to relax themselves, that is crying! Sadness like our tears, it gose out, and soon dry!To spread in the air. At the end, it totally disappear~~~Flying with the wind. And go to a long distance.

But how about boys? Their mood is hard to be observed. They are not willing to talk about their sadness. Because they should have a strong shoulder to hold up the whole world.

More understanding will bring happiness!! Try to understand every body aroud you, in order to create a more comfortable environment. No enemies, no sadness, just a world full of hope.

16 Apr 2007

Web singer****my love

He is my bf! He is a humour person. When we are together, we are sure have a lot of fun. We have the same hobby, that is singing. We are usually go to KTV to sing for a long afternoon at the weekend. This is his website. there are many music which are record by himself. Well, hope you can come to support him!http://www.595.com/myhome/weian

3 Apr 2007

Exciting experience: last for one hour

3,2,1 ````the most exciting moment was comming. Our performance was being live broadcasting in the radio station.The two presenters were talking by microphone. I really admire them can talk without stop.

The performance was continuing, and was being live broadcasting for TV in the shopping center. I'm a little nervous, because it's my turn to answer the question. Fortunately, my answer is correct. At the end, my partner and I won 360yuan.

Altough one hour have already past, our heart still keeping exciting. We were go to KFC to celebrate this exciting night.